Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pet Envy

I envy a lot of things about my pets:  their athleticism, grace, coordination, not to mention their better sensory equipment and of course their wonderful tails.  But lately my envy has focused primarily on their lovely coats.  I envy how they are always ready for any occasion; whether black tie or blue jeans.  I love how when they take a bath they also wash all their clothes. Talk about a reduction in laundry.  Further I hate clothes shopping so I appreciate that clothing purchases would be optional .  Believe me I would love to have just one always appropriate outfit that always fit. (weight gain or hopefully weight loss)  I know all the fashionistas would be aghast at such a thought.  While the whole clothing industry and their many dependant businesses such as retail stores and advertising would be in a panic in case there were other eccentrics that would be able to opt out of the system and put their sales in a tailspin.  Does anyone else wish they had a lovely coat like one of their pets?

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Book Review of Jagumaterra a Science-Fiction Parable

I recently had the opportunity to read Regan Brianne Jensen’s exciting, debut novel Jagumaterra a Science-Fiction Parable. How could I not love a book where the characters have tails? Not only do they have tails but they have a variety of fur colors like dark blue and violet, maroon, fuchsia, and olive. I also found yellow blood and bird like government toadies, helpful robots, and a variety of architecture including specially gown tree homes with elevators. All this is in just the first few pages.

The intrigue also begins on the first page. A king is murdered. The evil usurper controls the kingdom. The heir to the throne doesn’t know their heritage. This is an epic tale where teenagers whose biggest worry had been the upcoming history test are thrust suddenly into life or death choices. Questions of friendship, trust, bravery, and loyalty must be faced. Alliances must be forged and battles fought while dealing with grief and attraction, maybe even love. Their lives and the fate of the world hang in the balance.

Regan Jensen transports the reader to a fully formed world complete with history, legends, politics, traditions, similes, and an ancient language. She artfully allows the reader to enter the world observe, discover and explore. Except of course, who has time to explore when friends need rescuing and worlds need saving? I am already waiting for the sequel.

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