Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm Back --Or Three AM Thoughts

I look at other people's blogs and am so impressed at how professionally they have included links and pics.  I only hope my blog can be that way when it grows up.  I was so excited as I started my blog in November. Then I decided I needed to get ready for Christmas; and really, I should learn how to label and link and maybe have something meaningful to post, before I do.  Let's face it no post of mine is ever going to measure up at this rate.  I want a grown up dog when I bought a puppy.  So there will be mistakes and mishaps.  (Is there blog spot bot and urine gone?)   But I wanted to do this for self expression and fun.  It won't be fun if I never play with it.  The only way I will learn how to link and label is to play with it.  That is how I learned to put the ANWA conference widget on the blog.  So, while I dream of providing Fourth of July spectacular fireworks it is really just sparklers and firecrackers, and humming to the radio at my blog.  But I like sparklers.



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