Thursday, July 22, 2010


I love amusement parks like Disney World and its related parks. I love the rides and the shops. I don’t even mind standing in line. Unfortunately the emotional roller coasters of real life are not fun and have far more loops and twists. In this virtual theme park of MOVING my family has completed the house hunt exhibit, the hurry up and wait line, and the purchase is a process not a decision ride. That ride made us want to leave the whole park a few times.

Looking at homes for fun with no intent of packing and moving is a lot of fun. Unfortunately when you know you must pack your belongings and transport them across town or across the country even looking at homes isn’t fun. Now the daunting task of packing is before us. I brought home our first batch of boxes. Next we just fill them and many more, and then take them to their new home. It sounds so much easier than the heavy wearing process I know is before us. I have heard people talk of quick packing and moving and would love to know their secrets. (Hire their army.) I also want to know why most of my moves have occurred in the heat of the summer. Moving is the nightmare that combines all my weaknesses into one interminable horror roller coaster: home repair, home decoration, heavy lifting, reorganization, and the list goes on. I will vomit now to practice.

The crowning glory of this is I probably won’t even loose an ounce let alone a pound  after lugging a house full of belongings across Mesa. I hope I am wrong. I hope that is the silver lining: twenty five pounds of fat burned off moving in triple digit weather. I have no idea how pioneers moved cross country using a sad little wagon that didn’t look like it could hold food and bedding for a family let alone tools and furniture. But that is another article entirely. I am thankful my move will involve motorized, air conditioned vans. If anyone has tips on how to navigate the labyrinth ahead and say we are still sane after MOVING feel free to share.  (This is a repost of my blog on

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